Features Of An Adjustable Or Fixed Height Dog Grooming Table

Many people think of their dogs as family, and they generally take care of them accordingly. They might pamper their pooch, giving them high grade food and lots of fun toys for them to play with. All of this care might also include grooming, which makes this a lucrative business to get into. If you want to be or already are a dog groomer, an adjustable or fixed height dog grooming table is a must buy.

Adjustable Or Fixed

Stationary tables are great because they are super sturdy and made with thick, reliable materials. Height-adjustable tables are generally lighter, therefore they are easier to move around. They also fold for storage, so if you are particularly busy, you can bring additional tables out to groom more dogs at once. Having a mix of both is great if you own a shop.

A burgeoning industry is the mobile grooming one. This means that the groomer drives to a dog owners house directly and does all the work there. This is great for owners who either do not have a car or are simply too busy to get an appointment that is convenient for them. Foldable tables are the only way to go in these cases.

Most of them are made of high-grade wood, usually plywood to keep them lighter and easier to carry into a client’s house. They also usually have some kind of metal for sturdiness, such as aluminum, which is also light for easier carrying.

They fold down flat so they can be stored easily and carried without bulkiness. There are usually some kind of locking pins to keep the legs in place. A good table should fit comfortably into the trunk of your car, so you do not need a special vehicle for toting it around.

The legs usually adjust in height in increments. It is usually somewhere around one inch at a time, so you can adjust until it is the perfect size for you. This helps you groom dogs of varying sizes easier. It also makes it easier for shorter groomers or even ones who might be in a wheelchair.

Each table should also have a grooming arm that is also adjustable. This arm is for the leash, to help keep the dog from hopping off the table. The tabletop should be a durable material, and is often covered in vinyl or similar so that it does not stain. Though these tables are often used for dogs, you will find that they are perfect for working on cats as well.

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